Friday, September 25, 2015

Library Book Sale & Book Fest

In Dallas,TX the children and I went to the library book sale and library fest at Lakewood Library. The book sale was in one room and went into the hallway. The library fest part had arts and crafts and face painting. It also, included buying tickets to win gift baskets donated by local businesses.

Here are some pictures that were taken.
                                          Face painting on my daughter. She picked the strawberry.
These are the two arts and crafts projects she did at the library.
There were lots of books to choose from at the library book sale. Everyone went home happy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Support Your Local Libraries

Anytime you have to ability to support your local libraries, please do!

For example many of the libraries near me have books, movies, cd, etc that you can buy in the lobby for low cost.

You can also, fill out a donation form and give any amount that you are able to give.

The library closest to me sells reusable bags with the library logo on it. The one I bought was $5.00.

If your unable to help support the library financially, then maybe you can still help out by volunteering. It can be long term volunteering, short term or one time event volunteering(ex. library books sales, etc.)

So I hope you enjoy the few tips that I gave regarding the supporting the local libraries.